Many different factors can contribute to hearing loss including age, damage caused by loud noises, damage caused by medication and disease. When hearing loss is interfering with your daily life, and you are noticing symptoms, it is time to schedule a visit with Dr. Tirino.

Dr. Tirino will conduct a complete examination to determine your symptoms and severity of hearing loss, plus run some tests to lead to an accurate diagnosis. Your physician will have a plan of action ready for you to help you take the steps needed to prevent further hearing loss and to address the diagnosis.


Implantable Hearing Devices:

Adults or children who are deaf or experience significant hearing loss can sometimes benefit from an implantable hearing device. This type of device requires both a surgical procedure and significant therapy to learn or relearn the sense of hearing. Dr. Tirino and her staff can help to educate you on the best solution for your specific condition and if an implantable device is right for you.

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